WHEN:    TBD  
TIME:      9:00AM -4:00PM

WHERE: American Patriot Gun Club, 2526 Boots Harrison Rd, Hortense, GA 31543

COST:     $200

REGISTRATION: Call: Chief at 912-222-6377 / E-mail: chief@patriotgunsammo.com

American Patriot Range and Gun Club - 912-222-6377
American Patriot Guns and Ammo  -
912-574-GUNS (4867) 

Upon completion of this 1-day class you will have the ability to quickly make hits from a variety of shooting positions at ranges from CQB distance out to 50 yards. Topics include:

- Use of Deadly Force and the Law
- Color Code of Mental Awareness
- Immediate Post-Shooting Strategies
- Civil Liability
- Weapon and Ammunition Selection
- Ballistics, Zeroing & Sight Adjustments
- Hold Over
- Loading and Unloading
- Carrying Positions, Ready Positions & Rapid Assumption of Kneeling, Squat, and Prone.
- Shooting Stance; Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Trigger Control

Class length: 6-7 hours

Equipment List:

- Functional carbine (pistol calibers are allowed)
- Some type of carry strap/sling for the carbine
- A minimum of three magazines for the carbine
- 250-300 rounds of carbine ammo (more is always better)
- Functional carry handgun, holster, belt and about 50 rounds for the handgun
- Baseball type cap
- Clothing appropriate for weather (We will shoot in the rain)
- Personal comfort Items (towel, water, bug spray, etc.)

Note: PLEASE come with your carbines/rifles zeroed. We will verify zero but do not want to waste a lot of time on the range. We will be doing the majority on our shooting within 50 yards so a 40/240 zero will be adequate.


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